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Should We All Start Playing Golf?

 · 4 min · Dominika Kowalska Bernhart

Learn the basics of golf as a beginner

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“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play at it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” ‒ Bob Hope

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Family Golf

Golf is no longer an old man’s game! Recently golf has become the ultimate summer sp ort — largely thanks to its social distancing-friendly style of play. One thing to understand about golf is that it’s not just about the game on the course. A full round of golf can take more than 4 hours to complete, so it can quickly become an all-day activity. Golf is played at an enjoyable pace that allows you to embrace the beautiful scenery, soak up the sun, and leaves room for conversation — frequent waiting periods allow a party to engage in meaningful discussions (over a glass of wine 🍷 🤔)

⛳️ It’s more than just a sport, it’s a social event!

Golf is a family-friendly form of recreation. Country clubs and golf courses offer off-course entertainment like restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas that the whole family can enjoy. What is most important to highlight is that golf is accessible to all age groups allowing golfers to enjoy rounds with the oldest and the youngest members of their family. Golf carts are a great alternative to those who do not want to walk, and forward tee boxes ensure that children and older folks can play at a reasonable distance.

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Family Golf

⛳️Are you getting started?

Just started hitting the golf course? There’s no doubt that some terms may sound like a different language you have never heard of (or the ornithological dictionary). Whether you are a new golfer or an intermediate player, you need to learn these terms. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones!

What is a par? In golf, a par is defined as the score that a player would be expected to make for a given hole.

What is a Birdie?

Golfers use the term birdie to refer to a score of 1-under par on any specific golf hole.

What is a Bogey?

Golfers also use the term bogey often, which means that the golfer scored 1-over par on a specific golf hole.

What is an Eagle?

In golf, an eagle is defined as a score of two strokes under par on a hole. To eagle means to shoot 2-under par on any hole. We can say you’ve scored an eagle when you hole your ball in three shots on a par-5. You can also score an eagle if you hole your ball in two shots on a par-4. This is not a common score for most golfers because eagles don’t come so often, even for professional golfers.

What is an Albatross?

In golf, an albatross is a term that can also be called a double eagle. Both words have the same meaning. This is a term that golfers use when a player uses three shots less than the holes par score.

What is a Mulligan?

In golf, you often hit several shots that you wish that you could take back. Some of these shots are bad. Golfers, therefore, came up with a “do-over”, referred to as a mulligan. A mulligan allows golfers to retake a shot. Professionals don’t get mulligans, amateurs on the other hand can take as many as they want, as long as they are not keeping a handicap score.

Want to learn more golf terms? Visit the website: https://golfguidebook.com/the-albatross-golf-goal/

⛳️What are the best golf training aids for the beginners?

The most common question about golf training aids: Do they work? There’s no simple answer but yes, most golfers can benefit from a quality training aid, however they don’t solve every problem.

A list of accessories highly rated on different golf forums:

  1. DownUnder Board (Best Pivot, Rotation, & Ground Force Trainer: Fast Results)
  2. PlaneSwing (Best hoop plane trainer, especially for the beginners!)
  3. Lag Shot (Best Lag, Tempo & Timing trainer) In my bag at all time
  4. Tour Striker PlaneMate (#1 Recommendation for Beginners & Swing Fundamentals)
  5. Orange Whip (Most popular tempo trainer by far)
  6. SKLZ Gold Flex (Best Bargain Tempo Trainer)
  7. SuperSpeed Golf (Best training aid for gaining distance)
  8. Tour Striker Smart Ball (Best for proper arm structure/position throughout swing)

Nevertheless, if you really want to get serious about your golf skills, it’s time to schedule an actual golf lesson with a golf instructor. They can help you improve your technique, achieve swing consistency, and give the mental toughness.

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